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Veterinary Assistant

How long have you worked at the hospital? 1996

What’s your favourite part of your position/role? The lifelong friendships I’ve forged along the way are awesome. It’s so, so nice to see the patients healthy and happy!

Why did you pursue the veterinary field as a career/job? To help the sick and injured recover from their illnesses or injuries.

What is your favourite animal movie and why? Born Free; it’s an amazing true story of an orphaned lion cub in Kenya who was rehabilitated to live in the wild.

What pets do you have and what kind are they? Cid the papillion

Share an interesting story or something personal that’s happened to you during your time at the clinic. After being here for so long, it’s impossible to pick just one story; just being able to be there to help the clients and guiding them through some of the decisions, even the hard ones, is incredibly meaningful to me.

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