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105-1001 Austin Ave, Coquitlam, BC V3K 3N9

How long have you worked at the hospital? September 2015.

What’s your favourite part of your position/role? Being able to help the pet and their owners, and seeing sick patients leave happy.                                                                                             
Why did you pursue the veterinary field as a career/job?
A love for animals since childhood, and a desire to help them when they’re not feeling their best.

What is your favourite animal movie and why? Madagascar; it makes me laugh and I love watching it with my kids.

What pets do you have and what kind are they? Ashpur and Karota, my two senior cats.

Share an interesting story or something personal that’s happened to you during your time at the clinic. We rescued our clinic’s foster cat, Xena. She came to us with a broken pelvis and broken femoral head and spent two months on cage rest; now we get to watch her walk and play, and go to her forever home.

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