Dear Valued Clients of Coquitlam Animal Hospital,

We are wanting to keep you updated with our safety measures that we are taking during this time with COVID-19.

Clinic hours and method of payment:

Yes, we are still open, but we are changing our hours of operation to 8am-5pm Monday- Saturday.

The adjusted hours will give us ability to staff appropriately and provide additional time for cleaning. As part of our normal practice, our clinic is cleaned and sanitized daily. We are increasing the frequency of cleaning and stepping up our efforts to disinfect all of the areas in the clinic; especially high-traffic and high-contact areas.

At this time, we are no longer accepting cash, but are still accepting credit and debit card payments. Credit card payments can be made over the phone, or in person with our mobile payment terminal outside the clinic doors.

Coming to the clinic:

We are all aware about the seriousness of current situation with COVID-19 and all the efforts of the Government and our health care system to stop its spread.

Our staff will be wearing gloves, masks, and potentially surgical gowns in and around the hospital. This is not because we are unwell ourselves and is not meant to alarm you, it is solely a level of extra precaution to help keep our staff as well as our clients safe and healthy.

We are asking you, our clients, to assist in our ability to deliver necessary health care for your four legged family members

If your pet is a healthy adult, not senior or juvenile, we ask that you postpone any wellness and vaccine visits for the next 30 days. *This time period is subject to change*

We are still taking appointments for unwell/sick patients, senior pets with chronic diseases, and puppies/kittens that need vaccinations and parasite prevention.

When you arrive at the clinic you will be asked to:

-Call us from your car to notify us of your arrival

-One of our staff members will come out to your car as soon as possible to escort your pet inside for their appointment/procedure.

-You will be asked to please remain in your car or outside in the parking lot unless otherwise specified

-In special circumstances, we will allow a maximum of ONE pet parent to accompany their pet for the appointment.

-Once our doctor has examined your pet, we will contact you by phone to go over our findings, recommendations and treatment plan. We will also inform you of the estimated cost at this time.

-When your pet is ready to go home with you, we will either call to inform you or have your pet brought back outside to your car along with any medications from the visit.

-Payment for the visit can be done by credit card over the phone (preferably), or with a debit/credit card and our mobile payment terminal at your car. Cash is temporarily not accepted at this time.

Ordering food, parasite prevention and medication refills:

We are available to take medication and food orders for your pet over the phone during our hours of operation (8-5 Mon-Sat ).

We encourage you to also use online orders from our online VetStore. Currently we are able to supply food and supplements through the website, and are working on allowing prescribed medications to be ordered this way as well. You can access this site by the following instructions:

-Go to our website: , and scroll down on the main page. Click on “Go to my vet store link”.

-Visit www.myvetstore/coquitlamah and click “create account” if you do not already have one. Our staff will approve your account and you should receive an email notifying you of your account activation. Feel free to call the clinic at 604-931-3565 if you have any difficulties with this process.


Together we can continue to make a difference in your pet’s wellbeing if we all work together.